Living With Energysm

Healing Through Knowledge of the Bodyís Energy††††† ††††††† †††††††††


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Lloyd Rawson , Intuitive Life Facilitator†††††††† †††††††††††† †††††† Help people to live Life


Intuitive Life Facilitation

 Every person has an energy field around them.†

 Most people canít see them

 Every Physical, Mental and emotional trauma you have ever had is recorded in your energy field

 These traumas and also hidden belief systems can adversely affect your health.

 I can help you to clear them out and restore you to a life of health and happiness


Real Estate Clearing Services† -† House Clearing

 Have some of your listings been sitting and you donít know why?

 I Can Help

 For over 10 years I have helped clear negative energy from houses so that they feel good.†

 Every house Iíve Cleared has sold within 30 days.


the WORKshopsm - For Personal Transformation

Despite what you see in the news, we are moving to a Higher Age of Peace, Prosperity and Joy, and to experience it; there are concrete steps you must take in your work, your relationships and your life in general.

R U having problems with:

Relationships?†† Job?†† Health?†† Outlook on life?†† Feelings of lack?†† Self Worth?†† Life going where you want?

In the WORKshopsm, we will dig down and uncover the underlying causes of problems in your life and help you to take steps deal with them and transform you life.

The first WORKshopsm begins March 27.

Click here or above to go to WORKshopsm page for more info and to pay with PayPal.



I am now able to supply drums.† Drumming has the ability to cause positive changes in your energy field.† I have had clients lower their blood pressure with only drumming.


the WORKshopsm

House Clearing

Intuitive Life Facilitation



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