the Weekend WORKshopsm

An Introduction to the possibilities for Personal Transformation


     Have you considered enrolling in the WORKshopsm , but weren’t sure if it was really for you?  Then come to this Weekend WORKshopsm, and receive an introduction to the concepts and strategies that have produced such amazing personal results for those who have taken the WORKshopsm.  You can see for yourself that personal transformation to balanced successful living is not only possible, but assured.

     In these unprecedented times, you are probably having physical, emotional and spiritual problems like never before.

~ Are you experiencing nervousness, anxiety, agitation, and an inability to sleep?

~ Are you feeling tired and exhausted but haven’t done any thing to bring on such extreme fatigue?

~  Is your energy supporting what you want in your life or pushing it away?

We are supposed to be moving into a Higher Age, but world events seem to be moving in the other direction.

     After this one day, you will take away an understanding of what we are referring to as the New and what you must do to move into it.  You will be introduced to principals and concrete steps that you can take to help smooth this transition and bring about a better you

     This is planned as a one day event, but if you are like most people; you will want more.  If there is sufficient interest after the Saturday WORKshopsm , we will continue the WORKshopsm on Sunday.  

     The Saturday Weekend WORKshopsm is $75 paid in advance, $100 at the door.  The Sunday continuation of the Weekend WORKshopsm  is $75 paid in advance or on Saturday, $100 at the door on Sunday.. 


Attend to learn how to work with your energy to live a healthier, more successful life.

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“the New

the WORKshopsm

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