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Living With Energysm

Healing Through Knowledge of the Body’s Energy


Lloyd Rawson

Intuitive Life







Living With Energysm

Healing Through Knowledge of the Body’s Energy


Intuitive Life Facilitation

     Everyone is surrounded by an energy field and “Aura” which reflects the general health and life experiences of the individual.  An Intuitive Life Facilitator is one who can intuitively see, feel and discern dis-ease in this field or “Aura”  Once the underlying issues that led to the dis-ease have been discovered, the facilitator can assist the person in affecting a change that will eliminate the dis-ease.  Sometimes miraculous cures take place.

The Goal or Intent to be accomplished

     The Intuitive Life Facilitator is a catalyst for change.  One who seeks these services is looking to change something.  That can be anything from trying to get a handle on one’s life, a medical problem or emotional situation that has them stumped.  Whatever the case, the facilitator directs your attention to what’s here in the present time, the only place in which change can be effected.  We help you to see things from a different perspective, eliminating the problem of “not being able to see the forest for the trees”.

 Will I Understand what the Facilitator Says

     Auras and energy fields are not things that the average person in main stream society can see, so there are no direct words that can describe what the Facilitator can see.  Because you may not be able to see auras yourself, this area of expertise may seem initially strange to you.  This is really no different from your Doctor putting into layman’s terms what he finds. 

     The Facilitator explains what he finds using examples or analogies until you have some grasp of the situation.  It is not necessary for one to understand everything that is said to effect a change. 

     Many times, conditions can be detected in the Aura and energy field before they become symptomatic in the body.   One could say that we can “smell the roses” before you can see them.  Of course, it is much easier to deal with issues before they affect the body than after the dis-ease has occurred. 

What Will I Experience?

     Many people find that their aches and pains disappear or find that they can move easier.  Sometimes it is as simple as being able to face a situation easier or make a decision that could not have been made before.

     Some have had cures of leg, arm, back or digestion problems.  Usually a change can be detected in one’s face.  After the session, one will normally look more peaceful or younger or have more color.  Sometimes one will walk differently, straighter and with more confidence.


What does the Facilitator “Intuitively” See?

     The Facilitator can not read minds.  He sees only what is occurring around your body and some of the changes within your body.  Bulges and indentations, low energy or color can be seen in the aura.  This may reflect a desire to not face an emotion or a situation.  Sometimes objects can even be seen in the aura.  Each tells the facilitator different things about that area.  Whatever comes up is discussed with the client in such a non-judgmental way that it make it easier for them to face it themselves.

Common Questions:  How do I know I got results?

    You will feel quite different when you are ready to leave.  If  before and after photos are taken, most times you will look quite different from when you came in.  This will be apparent to people who see you when you come out of a session.

Do I need multiple sessions?

     Each session is complete in itself.  It deals with the dominant emotion that is present at that time.  But you may have other issues to be dealt with at other times.  You may want to come back to check on progress, since you are trying to change patterns of a lifetime and they do no change overnight.  You may want to work on a different area of your life or be sent back by your family to further clarify and change.

What can be discussed?

    Everything is open for discussion, since all of the items that have occurred in your life are reflected in you aura.  That is why so many times life patterns come up for discussion and where they are leading.  Most times these patterns leads to some form of dis-ease.

Will I feel different?

     Sometimes you will feel quite differently while other times you may be in a position that you do not need to know that something has happened.  The body has changed and you can not go back and undo what has changed there.  Sometimes it seems like nothing has happened until you start your next week and you discover that you are doing something very different from the way that you would have done it before or that you interact  with some people differently.  They will be the first to remark about that.

How long will this last?

     The changes that occur will last a lifetime.  It is just that you may come out with such a high feeling that you probably can not sustain it.  When your first emotional stress comes up and you feel bad about it, don't feel that you have gone back to where you started.  You can never return to where you were.  You may take two steps forward but only one step back.  You are working with a lifetime of habits and sometimes, you can not change them overnight.  You may fall back into an old rut, but you will catch yourself, address it and then be ready for it the next time.  It is by self-awareness that we make progress.  That is why this is really a facilitated work.  We do not change you.  You change yourself.  We just point the direction and give suggestions to follow.  Do not be harsh on yourself when you slip, for that defeats everything.  Just acknowledge it, pick yourself up and continue on your way.  With your new self knowledge, you can reach your goal.


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