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Healing Through Knowledge of the Bodyís Energy††††††† †††††††† †††††††††


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Lloyd Rawson , Intuitive Life Coach†††† †† Help people to live Life


Text Box: Iím an Intuitive Life Coach
Every person has an energy field around them.  
Most people canít see them
Every Physical, Mental and emotional trauma you have ever had is recorded in your energy field
These traumas and also hidden belief systems can adversely affect your health.
I can help you to clear them out and restore you to a life of health and happiness
Energy Class/Meetings with Lloyd Rawson  
New Schedule!  Monthly: every 3rd Tuesday
Next session: Tues. Nov 17, 7:00-8:30pm EDT
Tickets $20 - click Buy Now to purchase tickets
Description: I open with a short lecture and then plenty of time for your individual questions and group discussion.  If the Energy around you and throughout the world seems crazy, you need listen to Lloyd.  Lloyd sorts out whatís really going on and how you can get through this tumultuous time as smoothly as possible.

Real Estate Clearing Services  -  House Clearing
Have some of your listings been sitting and you donít know why? 
I Can Help
For over 10 years I have helped clear negative energy from houses so that they feel good.  
Almost every house Iíve Cleared has sold within 30 days.
I am now able to supply drums.  Drumming has the ability to cause positive changes in your energy field.  I have had clients lower their blood pressure with only drumming.
You can now see me on Youtube.  Watch for interesting shows and ask questions in the comment section.  Iíll answer them in upcoming videos.  Click here to see Lloyd in action!


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